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Ford Used SEMA To Launch New Performance App

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Track your driving and improve your skills.

If track days are your thing, Ford has the perfect new app for you. The app is more comprehensive than most and gives detailed data feedback for you to analyze. If read right, you'd be able to figure out where any weak spots are in your driving style and the lines you take on track. This means you can improve your driving skills on track and become faster than your greatest opponent ever - yourself. What do you need for this app to work properly? To start off with, a smartphone, something everyone already has these days.

The next thing you need is a little more expensive to acquire, and a little bigger - a new generation Ford that has the latest version of Sync 3 installed.

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The app syncs to the car and can relay data like the car's RPM, speed, current gear selection and the G-forces employed during turns and bends. From the smartphone side the app lets you use the camera to record your time on track and the GPS in the phone is used to map the circuit you're on so that the length is spot on as well as the car's position on the track. The app has multiple recording modes and can "ghost" a car on to the screen to show if you've improved or not. The data is saved to the phone and you can then share that data with other users via all the popular social media platforms. The app kicks off linking to the new Ford GT next year and will then be expanded to include other new models.