Ford V8-Powered Corvette Monster Truck Breaks Every Rule

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And yet it somehow works.

If there's one thing the purist Chevrolet Corvette fandom world knows what not to do, it's this: swap out the Vette's V8 in favor of one from a rival brand. Especially Ford. It's just one of those things that should never be done, along with swapping a Camaro's V8 for a Mustang's. But not everyone is a purist. Some like to break the rules because there's no law in place stating they can't.

Case in point: this 1976 C3 Corvette monster truck powered by a Ford V8. Like what you see? If so, you should know it's currently up for sale on Facebook for $9,000, or best offer. The Ford-sourced V8 is paired to a transmission from a C6 Corvette, and that's just the start of the modifications.

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Its regular street tires have been swapped out for massive monster truck rubber that can handle any type of terrain. There's also a 12-inch drop transfer case that sends power to the 2.5-ton axles. There are child-size coilovers at each wheel, too. Sure, this thing will easily drive through water, just don't expect to stay dry because the interior isn't waterproof.

The seller notes the passenger compartment "could use some work," such as additional frame boxing but remember, this is really an ongoing project car. It'll never be completely finished.

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And perhaps that's why its owner decided to part with it. The current economic situation doesn't allow everyone to indulge in money pit projects such as this. Still, this thing looks like a blast to drive, off-road of course. It's not exactly street legal. But as you can see in the included photos, its true home is in the mud and water-soaked pits.

Although Corvette fans, especially those who love the C3, won't find this monster Vette to their liking, don't let this discourage anyone else who simply wants a cool project that'll occupy their time (and wallets) for many muddy years to come.

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