No, Ford Isn't Increasing Bronco Deposits

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Despite the massive demand for the new off-roader, $100 is all you need.

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that the revival of the Ford Bronco is big business for the Blue Oval brand. The online hype before its launch was enough to drive auto enthusiasts mad, and when it was unveiled, many were left thrilled at how the revival had turned out. The first 3,500 First Edition models sold out within a matter of hours, prompting Ford to double the production run of the launch model. Within weeks, reservations had soared, and by mid-October, more than 200,000 Broncos had been reserved. Of course, with a reservation deposit of just $100, just about anyone could secure a build slot, even if they decided to cancel at a later date. Now, Ford is looking to cash in on the demand, with a new report suggesting the brand will increase deposit amounts to $500.

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The new information comes from the Bronco6G forum where, in a discussion regarding deposits for the Bronco, Albert, who operates the Granger Ford profile states that the $100 amount is still in effect but that Ford is pushing for $500. He also says that when the change is made, it will be announced publicly. It makes sense, really, as anyone who is looking to purchase a Bronco - which starts at a base MSRP of $28,500 - should be able to put down an extra $400. It may also whittle down the number of tire-kickers who have secured build slots but have no genuine intention of actually buying a Bronco. The $500 amount would also place reservations in line with what Ford is asking for the Mustang Mach-E.

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For those that have already secured a reservation, Ford previously extended the deadline for specification changes until January 2021. This was said to not have any delay on production timelines, but given the vast number of orders currently placed for the Bronco, some buyers may be waiting until well into 2022 to actually receive their off-roader. Of course, that's just for the standard versions. Some are still holding out for the more hardcore Bronco Warthog, which had its name confirmed recently in an unofficial leak from one of Ford's suppliers.

UPDATE: We reached out to Ford for comment on the increase, and the brand has categorically stated that the "Bronco Brand only requires $100 reservation for the all-new Bronco two-door and four-door models," and that this isn't changing.

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