Ford Wants To Collect Condensation From You're A/C And Let You Drink It


This could help thirsty drivers and countries with poor sanitation alike.

Ford must have heard the news about the designer of the McLaren F1 building the world’s first flat pack truck because now, the automaker seems to be on a save-the-world quest of its own. The flat pack truck is intended to be a cheap, reliable, and functional transportation option that will be sold in third-world countries where the average citizen cannot afford transportation. But that’s only one of the problems ailing these countries. Another issue that most people face is where to get water every day.

Of course, Ford wants to help if it can. That's because villagers in Africa frequently travel a few miles per day just to collect water, although a vehicle like the GVT Ox is intended to help with that, that is unless Ford rolls out its On-The-Go-H2O system first.

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The project is aimed at providing technology to collect water that condenses on the air conditioner and supply it to parched automobile occupants. However, the issue of cleanliness quickly arose. After all, moisture in the air is sure to combine with polluting particles and make drinking water unsafe right? To combat that, Ford wants to add a micron filter to clean the water, which in turn has the capacity to route nearby water supplies to it and provide safe drinking water. How’s that for an optional extra.