Ford Wants To Dominate Your Mancave With A GT-Inspired Guitar And Foosball Table

What other supercar has its own Foosball table?

Ford seems bent on world domination with its new GT. The BlueOval stunned the world when it showed its all-American beast at the 2015Detroit Auto Show and now it has changed focus to the Italian front, so to speak. A teamof Ford designers hit Italy for the 2015 Salone del Mobile, which isessentially a fancy furniture expo, bringing with them a slew of conceptualitems inspired by the all-new GT.

A bunch of furniture inspired by the GT hit Italy, but the coolest items the designers brought with them were aguitar, foosball table and sailboat. The sailboat seems like it’s destined tolive forever on digital paper, but the guitar and foosball table seem like theycould go from concept to reality one day. The guitar is a musical hybrid with its aluminum and wooddesign. The Foosball table sports real grass, which would be incredibly awesomeif impossible to maintain. So, the real question is this: How much would youshell out for a Ford GT guitar or Foosball table?

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