Ford Wants to License its Police Interceptor Tech to Competitors

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It's all about keeping police officers safe, even if they are driving a Chevy or a Dodge.

Last year Ford released its patented surveillance mode technology in its Police Interceptor sedan and SUV. The American automaker developed the tech with InterMotive Inc. and it's so far been very successful. Basically, the surveillance system works by using the existing rearview camera and radar to detect a person approaching the vehicle from behind and then automatically sounds a chime, rolls up the driver's side window, lock all doors and flashes exterior lighting.

As police officers write reports, monitor their in-car computer or radar and perform other tasks while sitting in their vehicles, this surveillance mode provides them an extra set of eyes to help protect against threats.


Officers can also simply turn off the system when it's not needed. After winning a few awards and receiving plenty of positive feedback from officers in the field, Ford has now decided to license the technology to both the military as well as competitors. "We want to assist with and improve the security of all police officers – whether they are using a Ford Police Interceptor or a competitive vehicle," stated Randy Freiburger, Ford police and ambulance special vehicle engineering supervisor.

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