Ford Wants To Teach You How To Drive Like A Pro Stunt Driver


Really, how hard can it be?

We’ve all seen amazing car chase scenes on the big screen and TV. Some have gone on to achieve iconic status, such as the Mustang Vs. Charger in “Bullitt.” But have you ever given thought of learning how to drive a car like a pro stunt man or woman? Well, here’s your chance, courtesy of Ford. There’s only one kicker: you’ll have to head over to Manchester, UK, to do so. Ford UK has just announced that it’s continuing its Go Faster stunt driving program later this month.

Participants will get the chance to immerse themselves in a one-day course that’ll take them behind the wheel of a Focus RS and Mustang. With the careful instruction of pro stunt drivers on hand, drivers will learn maneuvers such as the classic “J-turn” and, of course, drifting. Assuming all goes well, participants will attempt to shake a chasing Mustang from behind the wheel of a Focus RS. Cameras will be attached to both cars and the resulting footage will be compiled in a movie trailer for the “Go Faster” program. Their role will be that of a racing driver turned getaway driver who’s been hired to help pull-off a casino heist.

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Sounds a little cheesy but also fun. And yes, participants will even get their own movie poster. Okay, so it's cheesy then. Anyway, the Manchester venue comes after successful and sell out events in London, Madrid and Paris last year. Tickets are limited and priced from 69 GBP to 149 GBP per person.