Ford Wants To Thank Patient Bronco Buyers With Bourbon

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That's one way to keep customers loyal.

The Ford Bronco has been one of the most anticipated American vehicles in a long, long time, and now that it's here, people can't get enough of it. While the Bronco continues to steal sales from competitors such as Jeep, who sells the legendary Wrangler, the insane demand is causing major headaches for Ford, and it has come to the point where these vehicles are being sold for crazy money on the second-hand market. Ford, in all its infinite wisdom, has now come up with a foolproof plan to keep Bronco customers happy while they wait for their cars, and it's pretty leftfield.

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Ford has given its dealers 'Customer Satisfaction Funds' to the value of $1,000 which can be spent on gifts, free accessories, and as it turns out, even bourbon. The program is set to run until June 30, 2022 and according to Ford, the funds have been made available "to give dealers the flexibility to take care of their customers based on their unique needs."

The company has given dealers a few suggestions as to what to spend the money on: "a special Thank You for customers who need to come in for a replacement hardtop, or a gift as part of 2022 model year order consultations."

This all seems fine, until you hear the next line: "Buy a bottle of their favorite Bourbon or Spirit to thank them for their loyalty and patience."

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This line sounds like something out of an episode of Mad Men, but if our expert market research insights are anything to go by, the average Bronco owner would highly appreciate a bottle of bourbon, and a few stiff drinks should make you quickly forget that your car is still months away from delivery. The Bronco has been plagued by supply issues such as the global chip shortage, and a lack of roof units, and Ford isn't any closer to speeding up production.

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