Ford Wants You To 3D Print The New 2017 GT As A Christmas Present

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Back in 1988, Ford bought the third 3D printing machine ever produced. That technology has come a long way since because the automaker has since printed its 500,000th 3D printed part – an engine cover for the new Mustang. Now that 3D printers can be bought by anyone (though still not exactly cheap to do so), Ford has created its very own 3D Store. For prices starting as low as $4.99, you can pick from 1,000 3D printable files of Ford models including the all-new 2017 GT.

Other 3D printable scale models include the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, F-150 Raptor and the Shelby GT 350R. Ford used 3D printing tech when designing the new GT, including its F1-style steering wheel with integrated controls, paddle shifters and door controls. This process allows for more creative solutions to many potential design problems. One example was when engineers printed key lightweight structural components for the GT's upward-swinging doors. Now, obviously buying an actual 2017 GT is still some time away and, more than likely, you won't be able to afford one. Or, you could print a GT instead for a much lower price. It'll make for a pretty good stocking stuffer.

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