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Ford Wasn't Kidding When It Said The Shelby GT350 And GT350R Were Going To Be Special

And they'll be worth every penny.

We knew from the get-go that Ford wasn’t going to mass produce its all-new Shelby GT350 and GT350R. The company even said both high-powered versions of the new Mustang were going to be special and limited. Only now, however, have we learned just how limited. In an official press release, Ford has announced production numbers for both cars. Just 37 examples of the GT350R and only 100 GT350s are planned for 2015. How did Ford arrive at those numbers?

Well, the late, great, one and only Carroll Shelby provided the inspiration. Back in 1965, Shelby developed and sold the FIA-homologated Shelby GT350 competition model. To this day, enthusiasts debate over how many units of the car were built. Shelby himself insisted on two prototypes and 35 productions models, but records show only 34 models received serial numbers from the Shelby production facility. So for 2015, and in Shelby’s memory, 37 examples is the magic number. For the 2015 GT350, 50 will receive the Technology Package while the other 50 get the Track Package. Bottom line, a combined grand total of 137 GT350s and GT350Rs will come into existence this year.

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