Ford Will Crush The Hopes And Dreams Of 6,006 GT Applicants

Rejection hurts.

After four weeks of Ford GT application videos, the blue oval has finally closed the video submission window. This means that if you want a shot at being the owner of one of the hottest supercars to hit the market this decade, you’ll have to check the classifieds for the people who lied and decided to flip the cars. In total, 6,506 people submitted videos to Ford for consideration. Since the Ford GT’s production will only run 500 strong, this means that 6,006 people will be left disappointed.

While this sounds bad, the odds boil down to one in 13 applicants getting the acceptance letter, which could have been worse considering that about 10,000 people started filling out an application. About 4,000 of them dropped out, leaving us with the current odds. The wait for the letters must be nerve-racking because the $400,000 Ford is not only one of the best looking supercars out there, but it sports some of the coolest technology. We can’t wait to see how the car turns out because according to Ford, it should have the best power to weight ratio offered in a car…ever. With a six-cylinder EcoBoost engine arranged in a V providing the power, that means that this car may have the most impressive engine ever and an incredibly lightweight design to achieve such a feat.

One thing we like about Ford’s application process over other automakers' is that it evens the playing field. Ferrari and other automakers usually only care whether owners of their special flagship cars have enough cash to buy them or that they own enough of their previous iterations to be accepted into the club. Instead, Ford is playing its own game of the Sword in the Stone where the applicant must prove that they are worthy of the car by committing to doing charity, driving the car to events, and making sure not to sell it as an investment. The result are videos that make an emotional appeal for the car rather than just waving money at Ford's face. Best of luck to everyone who applied and we'd be more than happy to review your GT if you need a sharing quota met.

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