Ford Will Extract Water From The Air For New Off-Roaders

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This is ingenious.

Ford is one of the most successful auto manufacturers on the planet, and its success has always been reinvested in new innovations. One of the most recent is a collaboration with Google that allows interested parties to experience the F-150 Lightning through augmented reality.

Along with new vehicles like the Bronco Raptor, Ford has been finding ways to make its existing products more attractive and more sustainable. One such example is a concept that the Blue Oval took to SEMA last week. Named the Attitude Performance Outside Magazine Ranger Tremor, this off-roading concept can extract water directly from the atmosphere.


We now have more information on the build, which has led to a collaboration with Israeli water-from-air company Watergen. The company supplies a product called the Mobile Box, the world's first vehicle onboard drinking system that can extract clean water from ambient air. After debuting the aforementioned concept in Las Vegas, Ford has seen the value in the water accessory. Now the Dearborn-based manufacturer wants this box to be preinstalled on its recreational vehicles.

According to a statement, the Mobile Box is capable of generating up to 25 liters (6.6 gallons) of fresh drinking water per day and only takes up an area of 630 x 530 x 460 millimeters, and replaceable filters ensure that mineralization and cleanliness are always as efficiently achieved as possible.


The concept vehicle shown at SEMA is now set to begin a 12-month tour of the US in collaboration with Outside magazine. Spectators at the various tour sites will be able to get an up-close look at the water extraction system and also take in other details like the Ranger Tremor's six-inch lift, sport exhaust, Ford Performance Parts front bumper, Yakima bed rack, and Thule Tepui rooftop tent. Cactus Gray and Carbonized Gray make up the two-tone finish, so be sure to take a look.

If you show enough interest, your next Bronco, Ranger, or F-150 could literally become a lifesaving adventure vehicle.


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