Ford Will Pay You $2,000 To Buy What's On The Floor

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Delivery times are becoming a serious issue, so Ford is finding another way of increasing turnover.

We've been getting plenty of reports about future Ford models that are set to arrive a lot later than expected. We've seen this with the F-160 Raptor R and the new Ranger too. Unfortunately, these delays are not only affecting the upcoming new models that Ford vows to produce but parts of its existing lineup too, including bread-and-butter products like the regular Ford F-150 pickup.

Everything is being delayed, and it's mostly because of the global semiconductor chip shortage. Ford now has to find a way to retain customers who may be getting fed up with long wait times. To that end, Cars Direct reports that the Blue Oval is offering a $2,000 discount to customers who are waiting for an ordered vehicle that choose to buy one that's on the showroom floor instead.

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According to a letter sent out to dealers, Ford has introduced the offer because it understands "that some customers may not be able to wait to take delivery of a 22MY vehicle." Back in June, Ford offered customers $1,000 off to wait for their new vehicles, but it seems that the delays are just getting to be too great, and the Blue Oval is worried that some customers may simply spend their money at a competitor's dealership.

This new offer replaces the old one and is available from November 1 to customers who have a "verified unscheduled 21MY Retail Order." Most models are eligible, but Ford has cleverly excluded the most popular offerings like the Bronco, Maverick, F-150 Lightning, F-150 Tremor, and upcoming E-Transit.

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The offer is not being publicly advertised, presumably to avoid confusion for buyers and dealers who may not understand that only customers who have already placed orders will be eligible. Whatever the reasoning for this decision, those customers who do learn about the offer may not be appeased, as cars like the Mustang Mach-E continues to face extreme delays, and there are likely very few models sitting on dealer lots, if any.

No matter what vehicle it is that you're after, you may not even get the opportunity to pass on your dream spec as configured, since the variety of vehicles available to buy right now remains highly limited. Here's hoping that Ford finds a way of increasing output from its suppliers and factories, or it could lose market share to those who happen to have a greater inventory.

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