Ford Will Race The Grueling Baja 1000 In A Completely Stock F-150 Raptor


What better way to prove that the Raptor is a race ready truck from the dealership than to race it?

Ford truly believes that its F-150 Raptor is a race-ready pickup truck. While many have their reservations about taking a stock vehicle and entering it into a race (even if it’s already a performance car), Ford thinks that the Raptor is good enough to compete as it is. The marketing gurus at the Blue Oval thought it wise to put their money where their mouth is by proving that the new Raptor is good enough to race in the Baja 1000 straight from the factory.

The race is one of the toughest endurance competitions for off road vehicles. Not only do the contenders need to navigate the desert landscape in the heat, they must also clear jumps and obstacles that are better suited to stadium super trucks. As is, the new Raptor comes with 450 horsepower, 510 lb-ft of torque, a ten-speed automatic gearbox, six drive modes including an incredibly appropriate Baja mode, and a suspension system that’s been designed to take a leap into hell. Even though Ford claims that the Raptor is good to race stock, there are actually a few modifications that had to be made to the truck in order to comply with SCORE (the competition’s rule makers) regulations.

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To pass, Ford had to add a safety cage, puncture-resistant fuel cell, racing seats, full race harness, and LED lighting. To accommodate the weight gain, Ford tweaked the shocks and springs ever so slightly but aside from that the rest of the truck, even the BF Goodrich All Terrain Street tires, are the same as on the Raptors that will be coming to dealerships in a matter of months. As for the six-mode Terrain Management System, we’re pretty sure that driver Greg Foutz (who has won the Baja 1000 four times already) will keep it in “Baja” mode, which holds the Raptor in low gears so that the turbocharger stays spooled. The truck will make its first stop at the SEMA show in Vegas before heading to Mexico for battle.