Ford Will Release An Air Filter That Removes Microscopic Particles

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Better air quality is never a bad thing.

Ford has its ups and downs, just like every manufacturer. Recently, the ups have consisted of impressive mpg figures for the Ford Maverick, while the downs have included concerning quality issues with the Bronco. But Ford continues to innovate and work hard to produce the best products it can, and the latest release from the company is a very basic component that may seem like one you can overlook at times. See, this year, Ford will begin to roll out a new advanced cabin air filter called Ford Refresh95, which the company says "aims to help reduce microscopic particles" from inside and outside a car's interior.


Ford says that there are five benefits to this filter, with the first being its ability to filter air particles 30 times smaller than a human hair. A human hair is roughly 70 microns in diameter, and this filter "can help remove at least 95 percent of 2.5-micron size traffic exhaust, organic material, metals, and road dust particles." Secondly, it helps reduce allergens by trapping up to 99 percent of these. Thirdly, it can even trap bacteria-sized particles. The fourth benefit is that it isolates smog and soot, which is especially helpful in dry climates. Finally, Ford says that the filter has been laboratory tested to ensure that it will work throughout the recommended service interval.

Front View Driving Ford
Rear View Driving Ford

Ford says that the Refresh95 filter will become available in the fourth quarter of this year for selected vehicles. These include the Bronco Sport, Escape, Explorer, Mustang Mach-E, Police Interceptor Utility, and the aforementioned Maverick. Later this year, the filter will be available as a service item, and Ford expects to have it installed in the majority of its lineup by the end of 2023. Despite the plethora of electric vehicles out there, our atmosphere is still very dirty, and in times were respiratory ailments are particularly prevalent, keeping the air in your car as clean as possible is always a good idea.


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