Ford Will Start Killing Cars In The US Sooner Than You Think

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Ford isn't messing around with culling its passenger car lineup.

This week, Ford made the shocking announcement that it’s killing most of its current cars in the US apart from the Mustang and Focus Active to focus on producing SUVs and pickups. At the time, Ford announced this will be a reality by 2022, but didn’t provide a timeline for when production of each model will end. Thanks to a Tweet posted by Automotive News reporter Michael Martinez, we now know the life expectancy for all Ford’s current sedans and small cars – and the automaker isn’t wasting any time.

According to the Tweet, the current-gen Focus will be the first car to get the axe, with production ending in May this year. After that, the Taurus will be killed in March 2019, while the Fiesta will be facing the chopping block in May the same year. The Fusion, on the other hand, doesn’t have a death date just yet, and will stick around for a few years according to Martinez. While production of the Focus will end in the summer, Ford will import the Focus Active from China in the middle of 2019, which is essentially a high-riding version of the standard hatchback. A Ford spokesperson has told Jalopnik the dates listed by Automotive News are accurate.

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Ford’s decision to axe most cars in its current lineup is shocking, but the automaker loses money on the Focus, Fusion, and Fiesta according to The New York Times. It makes business sense when crossovers are clearly more profitable, but we didn’t expect Ford to put its plan into action so soon.