Ford Won't Be Fully Imposing Autonomous Cars On Us

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For the time being, at least.

We all know that the car will eventually drastically change from the machine we're currently familiar with. Gas and diesel engines, for instance, will likely be dropped as alternative powertrains become more advanced and suitable for mass-market vehicles, and we're entering an age where a majority of cars will be inter-connected with each other. Above all else, autonomous autos will be widespread - though, as Autocar reports, we can expect Ford to cater to buyers who want to actually drive their cars.

According to the firm's futurologist, Sheryl Connelley, Ford won't be putting all of its eggs in the autonomous car basket, and heavily acknowledges there's a sizeable percentage of car owners who wish to be at the control of their vehicle. Better still, Connelley explicitly stated Ford "remains committed to building enthusiast's cars," citing the usefulness of autonomous technology varying on whether it's an appropriate fit. So, for the time being at least, we can sleep soundly at night knowing we'll have sportier cars with steering wheels and the such to enjoy in the years to come. Connelley's additional comments also perhaps indicate what cars we can expect to be given the fully autonomous treatment.

The references to parents who may prefer to have a self-driving vehicle pick up their teenage children instead of a taxi implies larger family cars may get this kind of technology first. As Connelley believes senior citizens would also benefit from access to a self-driving car, it's probable that Ford vehicles that are popular with older demographics - like, say, the Ford Taurus - could also be among the first Fords to be transformed into driverless cars. When this will happen is anyone's guess, but we don't think it'll be much longer before get a better picture of what to expect.


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