Ford Won't Let Everyone Buy The F-150 Lightning Pro

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Turns out the 300-mile F-150 Lightning Pro will be more limited than we thought.

Just a few days after the new F-150 Lightning debuted, Ford unveiled a new Pro version of its first-ever electric pickup truck. Designed for fleet and commercial buyers, the entry-level Ford F-150 Lightning Pro starts at $39,974, while the more powerful variant with an extended range starts at $49,974, making it the cheapest version of the long-range F-150 Lightning.

However, it appears that this variant will be more limited than we thought. According to CarsDirect, Ford is restricting the 300-mile range F-150 Lightning Pro to commercial customers only. The base version, on the other hand, will also be available for the public to buy.

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Like the regular model, the entry-level F-150 Lightning Pro produces 426 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque, while the more powerful variant has 563 hp. In terms of range, the base model will cover 230 miles on a single charge, while the extended-range version will last 300 miles. The entry-level F-150 Lightning Pro has a towing capacity of 7,700 pounds and a payload capacity of 2,000 pounds, while the more powerful version can tow up to 10,000 pounds. For general retail buyers who want more power, range, and capability, your only option will be the F-150 Lightning XLT.

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This trim starts at $52,974, but Ford hasn't announced pricing details for the Extended Range version yet. However, if there is a $10,000 price premium like the Pro model, it could have an MSRP of nearly $63,000, making it around $13,000 more expensive than the 300-mile F-150 Lightning Pro.

It's not all bad news, though. Ford is reportedly planning to offer the same balloon financing option available for the Mustang Mach-E offering lower monthly payments with a larger one-time payment at the end of the loan. This could be the cheapest way to buy the extended-range F-150 Lightning, but we'll have to wait for Ford to announce more details. Customer deliveries are due to start in mid-2022.

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Source Credits: Cars Direct

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