Ford's $5.6-Billion Blue Oval City Will Transform The Electric Car Landscape

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Twin battery plants will also be built in Kentucky.

Ford is making big moves in the battery-electric vehicle space, and we're not just referring to new models like the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning. The company is looking at not only building great EVs but also said it would better manage the recycling of EV batteries with Redwood Materials. Building upon that announcement, Ford has announced that it will lead America's transition to EVs with a massive production complex in Tennessee called Blue Oval City, along with twin battery plants in Kentucky. Together with SK Innovation, Ford's investment works out to $11.4 billion and will create almost 11,000 new jobs.


Blue Oval City is said to be the company's largest and most advanced production facility in its 118-year history, and that's no small statement. The 3,600-acre campus will cover close to six square miles and will reimagine the way that EVs are manufactured and recycled. Designed from the start to be a sustainable facility, Blue Oval City will in time make use of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, and it is Ford's goal for the plant to be carbon neutral. With 6,000 jobs created at this site alone, this is where next-generation of F-Series electric trucks will be built, with production set to get underway in 2025.

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"This is a watershed moment for Tennesseans as we lead the future of the automotive industry and advanced manufacturing," said Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee.

Set to open in 2025 is the BlueOvalSK battery manufacturing campus in Glendale, Kentucky. This 1,500-acre facility will produce the batteries to power next-generation EVs from Ford and Lincoln. 5,000 jobs are expected to be added in Kentucky from the twin co-located plants.

"This is the single largest investment in the history of our state and this project solidifies our leadership role in the future of the automotive manufacturing industry," said Kentucky Govenor Andy Beshear.

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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Emblem Ford

Not to be outdone, Texas is also joining Ford's electric revolution party. The company will invest $90 million in Texas that will go towards job training and career readiness plans for skilled technicians that will work on next-generation EVs. This forms part of a $525-million investment in the US over the next five years for technicians within the industry.

"This is a transformative moment where Ford will lead America's transition to electric vehicles and usher in a new era of clean, carbon-neutral manufacturing," said Ford Executive Chair Bill Ford.

With these new facilities, Ford will be much better positioned to cater to states that want to introduce earlier deadlines for the banning of gas vehicles.

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