Ford's Hybrid F-150 Can Power Two RVs With Ease

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This is seriously impressive.

The Ford F-150 is an icon of American automotive history, but to remain such, it needed to adapt. We first received confirmation that the truck would become electrified last year, but the conversation has been going on for years. It's been worth the wait though, and the hybrid returns remarkably impressive economy figures. But as you'll see from the video below, the new F-150 can do a lot more than you may think. According to Ford, it can provide up to 7,200 watts of power, and the test below shows that it has no problem managing two different levels of output simultaneously.

TFL Charging Ports Ford
Charging Ports

As a refresher, let's look at what powers the F-150 hybrid. A 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 is mated to a 35-kW electric motor for a total of 430 horsepower and 570 lb-ft of torque. As you can see from the video, the Pro Power Onboard generator - which uses a 1.5-kWh battery like a kind of buffer and provides power output - works in silence for the most part, and when the system drops too low, the engine automatically rumbles to life to recharge the battery. As standard, the generator system is rated at 2.4 kW, but spending $795 upgrades you to the 7.2-kW system seen in the video. Definitely a worthy upgrade for not much money.

Rear-Facing View Ford Open Trunk Lid Ford
Rear-Facing View
Open Trunk Lid

According to Ford, you can either drive 700 miles on a full tank or use the generator at maximum output for a whopping 32 hours. However, if you split output as in the video, you can only use 3.6 kW per outlet, which is maxed out when a high-consumption appliance like a microwave is used in tandem with the RV's HVAC system. Still, for most people, that will be sufficient, and most people will likely only be powering one RV, or else a bunch of smaller machines like in the image below. Pricing for the F-150 hybrid will start at around $40,000, while the top Limited trim is almost double that.

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