Ford's Latest 2019 Fusion Discount Could Be The Last

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Almost time to say goodbye to the once-popular mid-size sedan.

The Ford Fusion is coming to an end, and very soon. As we've known for a while now, Ford has made the strategic decision to discontinue its entire traditional car lineup, save for the Mustang. The Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion are goners. It's not that they were bad cars. Far from it. Ford's reasoning is that it's seen a decline in demand for sedans and hatchbacks in favor of crossovers and pickup trucks. The money saved from selling and marketing traditional cars will instead be applied towards electric vehicles and other mobility technology development. Will the gamble pay off for Ford? Time will tell.

In the meantime, the automaker is anxious to sell off remaining 2019 Fusion sedans still sitting on dealership lots. As such, the Blue Oval has just announced an attractive new retail offer on the 2019 Fusion powered by the 1.5-liter EcoBoost and paired to a six-speed automatic transmission.

2019-2020 Ford Fusion Sedan Front View Driving Ford
2019-2020 Ford Fusion Sedan Side View Ford
2019-2020 Ford Fusion Sedan Rear Angle View Ford

More specifically, this is the SE trim with front-wheel-drive and equipped with the standard 150A package that includes 17-inch Sparkle Silver-painted aluminum wheels, the SYNC 3 infotainment system, and a reverse sensing system. Normally, this particular 2019 Fusion carries an MSRP of $25,115. However, there's currently a 20 percent discount in effect until January 2, 2020. The 20 percent breakdown works as such: $3,920 cash back plus a national average dealer discount of $1,409 for a combined total of $5,329 in savings. Total discount price: $19,786.

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2019-2020 Ford Fusion Sedan Dashboard Ford
2019-2020 Ford Fusion Sedan Infotainment System Ford
2019-2020 Ford Fusion Sedan Gearbox Controls Ford

A pretty well-equipped, brand-new, mid-size family sedan with a total of 181 hp and 185 lb-ft of torque for less than $20k is pretty darn good. It's also important to note that 2019 will not be the Fusion's final model year, as Ford has confirmed it will remain on sale for 2020.

However, Ford is not currently offering any incentives on the 2020 Fusion so the one listed above is currently the best you're going to get for now.

2019-2020 Ford Fusion Sedan Side View Ford
2019-2020 Ford Fusion Sedan Top View Ford
2019-2020 Ford Fusion Sedan Front Angle View Ford

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