FordPass Points Can Now Be Used To Customize Your Car

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Ford finds something useful to do with FordPass points.

Ford has announced that loyalty points earned on the FordPass app may be used to purchase accessories via the official Ford accessories platform. In addition to earning points on the FordPass app, dedicated customers can also earn additional points with a FordPass Rewards Visa card. With the FordPass app, you earn points for routine maintenance and service visits at dealerships or purchasing a new vehicle. The card gives you points back for dealer purchases, gas, insurance, tolls, parking, and dining.

Armed with a decent amount of points, customers can now visit the online store to shop for a variety of products, including interior and exterior accessories, merchandise, and popular electronics like a dashcam.

Ford owners earn 10 points for every dollar spent on maintenance. You can spend up to $70 on an oil change, which will net you 700 points. But that's not even enough for a rubber hitch plug with a Bronco logo, so you're looking long-term.


When you buy a new car, you earn 42,000 points for a gas vehicle and 75,000 points for a truck with a diesel engine. A dashcam goes for 45,800 points. If you really want to record people doing stupid things on the road, you'll have to buy a new Ford F-250 Super Duty with the 6.7-liter high-output V8 turbocharged diesel engine.

For the more expensive items, such as the Yakima Roof Top two-person tent (499,800 points), you'll need at least ten years of continued Ford ownership and maintenance, or to run an entire fleet of Fords for business or familial purposes. These accessories will be shipped to your home or the nearest Ford dealership for installation.


We jest, but this rewards program costs absolutely nothing. You would have paid for the regular maintenance stuff anyway, and downloading the FordPass app is entirely free, and you can do loads of cool things with it. On gas-powered models, you can start/stop and lock/unlock the vehicle and check the fuel and oil levels. For EVs, you can map a route with charging stations and precondition the battery, interior temperature, and driving mode.

Currently, 12 million FordPass Rewards and Lincoln Access Rewards members in the USA have hopefully accrued enough points to buy something cool or useful.

"We want to show our loyalty to FordPass Rewards members by giving them an easy way to earn and redeem their Points for accessories," said Marc Mills, Ford Customer Experience Director. "This initiative is part of how we're enhancing value at every customer experience touchpoint, from point of sale throughout their entire ownership journey with Ford."


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