Ford's New Mustang Nite Pony Is The Worst Special Edition Name Ever

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What happened to Dark Horse, Ford?

Ford once again proved why it's not a good idea to ask the public to name things.

In early June, we reported that Ford turned to the general public to name a new Mustang Package. Our readers did the most, suggesting names like Night Mare, Dark Knight, Sith Package, and the Shia LaBeouf Package. Okay, so maybe not all the suggestions were excellent.

A few weeks later, Ford filed a trademark for the 'Dark Horse,' and we thought that was the end of that. As it turns out, Ford wasn't done, revealing the four finalists in early August.

They were Shadow Stallion, Alastor, Shadowmare, and Nite Pony. Three out of these names could be considered good, although neither as strong as Dark Horse. One is obviously horrible. Guess which one Ford went with...

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While Ford hasn't officially confirmed the package in any way aside from an image gallery on its press site confirming the name, it appears it will only be available for the Mustang GT and Mustang Mach-E in Premium and GT Performance guises. Lesser Mustang variants could be in the cards with the package, but the images showcase these trims specifically.

It's essentially the opposite of the Ice White Package. The Ice White came with white wheels, white accents, and a white exterior hue. Opt for the Nite Pony Package, and you get everything in black, including all the grille details, side skirts, front and rear spoilers, and blacked-out Mustang badges with silver detailing.

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The images showcase the Mustang GT Fastback exclusively in Shadow Black, while the Mach-E can be had in both that and Cyber Orange. It remains to be seen whether any other paints can be specced.

Truth be told, both the Mustang GT and Mach-E look epic with the Nite Pony Package included, but the name doesn't exactly strike fear into the hearts of rivals. Imagine telling your friends you ordered a 2022 Mustang Nite Pony. Your friend with a GT3 RS Weissach Package will die laughing. Even a Ford Maverick with a Tremor Package sounds more intimidating.

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As order books are already filled up for these models for 2022, the Nite Pony Package will only be available for the 2023 model.

The current Mustang is on its last legs, and the all-new model will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in September. The seventh-generation Mustang is expected to arrive with revised versions of the current EcoBoost and Coyote V8, with the latter producing as many as 500 horses. The manual gearbox will also be carried over, which means the Mustang will cater to the hardcore ICE enthusiasts for the time being.

Pricing for the Nite Pony Package is not available yet, but the press image captions suggest it will be available from fall 2022.

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