Ford's New Off-Road Nav System Will Never Fail You

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Unlike other mapping systems that shut down when out of range.

The all-new 2021 Ford Bronco and Ford F-150 will not only provide owners with outstanding off-roading capabilities but the ability to literally go anywhere without getting lost. Ford teamed up with Telenav, which specializes in connected-car and location-based services, to give its new Sync 4 system vital navigation technology.

The duo is now expanding their partnership to supply hybrid navigation software and related services. Ford is equipping both vehicles with an advanced navigation system that far surpasses any smartphone mapping app in one critical way: it's capable of storing maps so that drivers don't need to worry about being out of network range. This optional system also provides owners critical everyday living navigation aids, such as location information about cheap and available parking spots or popular restaurants.

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By utilizing real-time traffic conditions, owners will also be provided with the fastest routes that avoid situations like traffic jams and accidents. It's basically the same principle as the Waze app but doesn't always have to rely on a cellular network to provide that information. Voice assistance is there to help prevent distracted driving as well.

"Customers want connected vehicle technologies to work more like smartphones with real-time, personalized services - and that is exactly what we are offering with Ford SYNC 4 innovations such as Telenav's navigation system," said Gary Jablonski, manager of Ford Connected Vehicle Infotainment Systems. "F-150 and Bronco drivers now can get richer, quicker location search results, tow more confidently with custom routes and keep following off-road trail maps where other navigation systems go dark when cell coverage ends."

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Another cool system feature is specific routing options for drivers towing a trailer. The system will come up with routes that work best for the dimensions of the trailer in order to avoid things like sharp turns, narrow bridges, and low overpasses. Dedicated off-road enthusiasts will also appreciate the 4x4 trail maps already built into the system. Ford promises to add more trail maps from across North American in due course.

Bronco and F-150 owners also benefit from Telenav's one-box search tech to quickly locate addresses and destinations, destination prediction capability, and fast access to Yelp user ratings. Hey, if you're going to explore the unknown you'll also probably want to find the best pizza in the area.

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