Ford's New Small Pickup Truck To Revive An Iconic Name

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Ford's new compact pickup could be based on the Bronco Sport and slot below the Ranger.

We've known for a long time now that Ford wants to resurrect the Maverick nameplate. In 1969, the Ford Maverick was introduced in the US as an affordable compact car available as either a sedan or coupe. It ended production in the US back in 1977 but has lived on in other territories. Most recently, the Maverick name was applied to rebadged Ford Escapes between 2001 and 2005.

Originally, it was believed that Ford was planning to revive the Maverick name for the upcoming baby Bronco, but we now know it will be called the Bronco Sport. So, what will the new Ford Maverick be? An inside source has told The Fast Lane Truck that the Maverick will be the name of Ford's new small truck that will be positioned below the Ford Ranger. Originally, Ford's new entry-level truck was expected to be called the Courier.

The Fast Lane Truck

An anonymous tipster has obtained a 3D CAD model of the new compact truck's tailgate clearly showing the Maverick name. Reviving the Maverick name for a pickup may seem like an unusual choice when the original model was a sedan or coupe, but it's not uncommon for manufacturers to revive old model names for new segments. The Ford Puma, for example, was originally a sports coupe, but it's been revived as a crossover.

The publication's source says the tailgate has similar dimensions to the current Ford Ranger and calls the truck a "baby version of the Ford Raptor." The new Maverick could be based on the same platform as the Bronco or Bronco Sport, or it could simply be a new off-road trim for the Ford Ranger.

Bronco Sport Forum

Allegedly, Ford's new truck will utilize the same turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder and 2.0-liter turbo-four as the Ford Escape, so it's more likely to be based on the Bronco Sport since it shares the same platform as the Escape. That means it will be based on a unibody platform, allowing Ford to compete with the Honda Ridgeline and the upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Production is likely to take place in Mexico, where the Bronco Sport will also be built. The Ford Maverick, if this is what Ford's new truck will be called, is expected to go on sale next year for the 2022 model year priced at around $19,000-$20,000 to slot below the Ford Ranger, which starts at $24,110.

Bronco Sport Forum
Bronco Sport Forum
Source Credits: The Fast Lane Truck

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