Ford's SEMA Concepts Could Inspire Future Mavericks

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Three unique builds could shape the direction of the compact truck.

At last year's SEMA, we were allowed to enjoy three very special Ford Maverick creations with each build focusing on an entirely different aesthetic. The Tucci Hot Rods Maverick tapped into the brand's hot-rodding heritage while the Air Design concept took the FX4 trim and applied more of an adventurous edge. The DRAGG showed off just how versatile the Maverick can be for emergency response services.

It's now understood that these three creations were so popular with audiences that Ford is set on using feedback generated by the show to develop upcoming models. Speaking to Muscle Cars and Trucks, Ford Maverick Marketing Manager Trevor Scott said that a marketing case can be made for production variants of all three of these creations. Of course, we already know that the aforementioned Hot Rod concept could see an official production variant.


"The encouraging thing is that we've heard a lot of feedback that really enforced many of the things we were already investigating," Scott said. "Knowing we have this flexible architecture we can build off of, we have the ability to adjust track width, and wheelbase, and make some of those modifications, to either go more performance-oriented or to test the boundaries from an off-road capability standpoint. That's the encouraging thing coming out of SEMA."

Henceforth, the company will continue to look at SEMA as a measurement for its Ford Performance division regarding future accessories and upgrades. "I think at SEMA we're pushing the envelope. It's an opportunity for us to get more input, gauge interest, and help direct the team and the company," a Ford Maverick engineer added. "A lot of folks already putting on lift kits, slamming them, monotone body-color… as I try to get more ingrained into Maverick culture, I take opportunities like SEMA and even social media as a big plus."


The big question is, what could we expect next from the Maverick? Ford hasn't dropped any specific details on this topic but given that manufacturers such as Hyundai are coming for a slice of the compact active truck pie with its Santa Cruz, it's likely that the Maverick will be seen as the brand's next frontrunner.

Late last year, Ford CEO Jim Farley stated that this moniker could even develop into a new franchise for Ford and that additional models are imminent. Since the model's market launch, it has also been noted that several buyers are new to the badge, which further supports the case of expanding the Maverick's market share in its line-up.

Source Credits: Muscle Cars and Trucks

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