Forget About Geneva And Watch These Drag Racing Donks Instead


Who knew you could launch over 4,000 pounds of Americana down a drag strip on 30-inch wheels?

Over the next couple of days, you're going to hear a lot about an auto show in Switzerland where every supercar manufacturer the world over will bring its wares to be admired by media and the masses. But sometimes we need a break from all that. Sometimes we just want to see two cars that have absolutely no place being on a track battling it out to see which one is less horrible. And with that, we give you this gem via BangShift: a '71 Chevrolet Impala going head-to-head with a '73 Chevrolet Caprice at a drag strip on 30-inch rims.

No, you didn't read that incorrectly. This is the drag race of the century, if not ever. Both of these drop-top, 4,000+ pound behemoths and their awful aftermarket grilles did battle at the Orangeburg, SC, Street Outlaws Live event late in February, and both are ridiculous in all the best possible ways.

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Let's start with the cars themselves. Not only do they both weigh over 2 tons each, their both convertibles from an era when said vehicles had full-size back seats and space for adult-sized lower appendages. BangShift does make a solid point: by making the wheel taller, these cars have a larger contact patch. Still, it's not like they rocket off the line like a Mustang Cobra Jet. Once they get some momentum going, though, you can hear turbos spooling up. Whoever owns these cars has dumped serious money into making them as fast as possible. Who wins? I don't care. I'm just happy this type of racing exists.