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Forget "DBX," The Aston Martin SUV Will Be Called "Varekai"

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Some purists may not like an Aston Martin SUV, but it should be fantastic.

Aston Martin will launch its first ever SUV in 2019, and the DBX concept provided a sneak peak of sorts. The Aston SUV will join existing luxury performance SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga as well as upcoming models like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and unnamed Ferrari SUV. Up until now, we have been referring to Aston's SUV as the DBX, but AutoExpress has learned of the model's real name. Aston Martin has reportedly trademarked the name "Varekai" for its upcoming SUV model.

In an odd coincidence, the name "Varekai" is also the name of a show performed by Cirque du Soleil. There should be no conflict, however, because Aston Martin has applied its trademark for "Passenger cars and racing cars and parts and fittings therefor." Aston Martin has not publicly confirmed the name, but this could just mean the company is waiting for a big event to make an official announcement. Varekai does align with "V" naming scheme following models like the Vantage, Vanquish, and Valkyrie. The word Varekai also means "wherever" in the Romani language. This could be a reference to the SUV's off-road ability to tackle any terrain.

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Unlike some other performance SUVs, the Aston Martin car won't sacrifice practicality and off-road ability. Aston CEO Andy Palmer said the new model "will deliver the utility required from this type of car". The Varekai will be built in St Athan, Wales and prototypes should roll off the line by the end of 2018. Customer deliveries should begin in the following 12 months.