Forget Tesla: BMW Wants Apple-Store Showrooms


Touchscreens and 'Geniuses' will replace cars and salespeople.

BMW's latest models have been incorporating groundbreaking technology, with self-driving systems, an all-new electric car lineup and innovations galore. But now, the German carmaker wants its showrooms to reflect its cars' novelties. The automaker has told dealers the digital age requires all-around changes, like "product geniuses" to teach customers about their new technology, flat screens to present the models, and videos replacing the long lines of cars found in today's dealerships.

This move is also meant to line the car-buying experience up with the online shopping many consumers have grown accustomed to. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, a Morrie's Automotive Group executive said "when people go on the Web, they can watch videos and read reviews. The showroom will reflect that a lot more. There will be fewer balloons, fewer banners and more digital, more hands-on." What about test drives? BMW will operate regional fleets, allowing customers to get their hands-on experience, while decreasing the inventory necessary for each dealership.

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