Forget The AMG GT Black Series: This GT4 Racer Is What We Really Want

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Mercedes-AMG prepares to battle with the likes of the 911 and 570S out on the track.

The Mercedes-AMG GT already exists as a GT3 racer, thanks in part to the band Linkin Park. However, not all racers can afford to race in GT3, so the folks over at Stuttgart and Affalterbach have decided to build an AMG GT4 car. No details were released aside from these two sketches. Since GT4 racing is not nearly as crazy as GT3 in terms of modifications and specifications the new AMG track car doesn't look all that wild when put next to the GT R. The biggest-literally-new addition is that racing-spec rear wing.

Other than that the AMG GT4 and GT R look strikingly similar, something which is necessitated by the series and isn't necessarily a bad thing given how good the street car looks. The AMG GT4 will share the track with the likes of the McLaren 570S and the BMW M4, among a variety of other cars. Numbers regarding the engine and other specifications haven't been released just yet, likely because all Mercedes has is an idea and two sketches. The AMG GT4 should take shape over the coming months and is one car to keep an eye out for on the track. It'll be interesting to see if the AMG GT can back up its tough looks and talk once it's forced to take on a field featuring everything from the KTM X-BOW to the Porsche 911.

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