Forget The Focus RS, This Is The Hatchback You Want


It's faster, more powerful and crazier.

While we're delighted about the Ford Focus RS, the hot hatch is taking its sweet time to get here. For those of us that can't wait, German Tuning company Posaidon has turned one of the most powerful hatchbacks into an even crazier vehicle. The Mercedes-AMG 45 is already one of the most powerful hatchbacks in the world with 381 horsepower, but Posaidon increased the power to a whopping 485 hp. For those keeping track, that's 135 hp more than the Focus RS and on par with some of the most powerful sports cars on the road.

Thanks to the increase in power, the AMG 45 should theoretically be able to get to 62 mph in under four seconds before reaching a top speed of 193 mph. That's supercar territory in a vehicle that can comfortably seat four and costs half as much. Posaidon managed to get more power out of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine by adding a larger turbocharger, custom air intake and making changes to the cooling system and gearbox. In addition to the engine modifications, Posaidon will install an optional braking package or its own big-brake system for added performance. This high-performance vehicle sounds like our type of hatchback.

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