Forget The Model 3, We Want To See A Tesla Supercar


We wouldn't mind if it looked something like this.

We've said it before and we'll say it again. For Tesla to maintain its image as a premium carmaker while delivering an affordable car in the shape of the Model 3, it should seriously consider building a halo car. Lexus did it with the LFA, Ford has done it with the GT and there's no reason why Tesla couldn't do something similar to this Model EXP concept, created by Spanish rendering artist Xabier Albizu. Elon Musk recently confirmed that a revamped Roadster is in the pipeline, albeit a few years away, and that it will set a new performance benchmark.

But what will it look like? Like every supercar, it has to deliver on design, and the EXP provides a glimpse of what a supercar with Model S and Model X styling elements could look like. The rear end is strikingly similar to that of the Bugatti Chiron, complete with a horizontal taillight bar, but the front end is all Tesla. Of course it will have to feature technology at the forefront of development, with autonomous driving capabilities, while power will come from four individual electric motors with independent torque vectoring similar to that on the Rimac Concept One. And that's the car that Tesla should be aiming to compete with.

The Concept One is the fastest EV on the planet packing technology that carmakers big and small are begging Rimac to build for them. Surely Musk could borrow some of the space age composites and alloys from Space X in creating the ultimate Tesla. It already has the battery tech and performance locked down. Throw in a cool design like this and there's no reason Tesla couldn't have a supercar to compete with offerings from today's supercar heavyweights.

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