Forget The Police: Road Rage Woman Beats Up Dodge Challenger Thief After High-Speed Crash

You won't believe how this high-speed chase ends.

What begins as a run-of-the-mill high speed cop chase, ends in pretty dramatic fashion when the driver of the stolen Dodge Challenger crashes into the back of the wrong minivan. After speeding through residential streets we pick up the chase on Interstate 365 in Dallas, Texas, where the driver is being hotly pursued by the police. But after smashing into cars waiting at a red light, the car jacker comes face to face with something far worse than the cops.

A female driver filled with road rage jumps out of her rear-ended ride and starts slapping the suspect down with help from her passenger. They pin him to the ground until the cops arrive who take over. Dallas police charged the suspect with aggravated robbery and resisting arrest.

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