Forget The Porsche 911 GT3 RS: The Dodge Viper ACR Is What You Want

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According to the man who should know.

As you're probably wholly aware of, the Dodge Viper's living on borrowed time. A combination of low demand and new safety regulations that'll be in full force next year means the brawny Dodge performance car will be gone from our showrooms before the end of 2017. As a result, we need to celebrate this V10-propelled beast of a vehicle while we still have access to it (specifically brand new Vipers). And who better to give the Viper a(n admittedly early) send-off than Chris Harris.

In quite a few ways, having Harris hoon about in a Viper is actually quite interesting. The fact he has the keys to a Viper ACR in this instance automatically makes things more intriguing. Given Harris has sampled many a GT racer and track-honed supercar over the years, his insights promise to be rather fascinating. Couple that with Harris himself admitting he hasn't driven a Viper for 15 years or so (thus meaning the Top Gear host is, in theory, perfectly placed to describe the Viper as it is), and you have the makings of a very intriguing track test. We would implore you to check it out for yourself now, but do we really need to encourage you to view a clip you'd probably watch here on your own accord anyway?

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