Forget Top Gear, This Is THE Car Show To Watch Now

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With an MC12, CCX, and Zonda F it is easy to see why!

If you haven't seen any YouTube videos by Solomondrin, here is the summary. He is very rich, but is willing to spend his money to create some amazing content. His latest project, Bangin' Gears, is a Top Gear-esq show where he and his friends from Cup Gang travel around and drive cars. Cup Gang stands for "Cars Unite People" and that is exactly what this new show does. In the show's second episode, host Alejandro shows us a Maserati MC12, a Koenigsegg CCX, and a Pagani Zonda F. Even for Top Gear that would be an insane roster of cars!

These videos have grown from simple "just for fun" blogs to a full blown phenomenon. They start off by looking at the most expensive cars at Geneva and saying which are worth buying. Hearing about the cars from people who can actually afford them is pretty unique.

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