Forgetful German Forgot Where He Parked His Car For 20 Years


Imagine his shock when the phone rang saying it'd been found.

We've all been in parking garages, so there's little need to remind everyone that it can be relatively easy to forget where you parked your car. It might help to write down or memorize the level and section number where the car is parked, otherwise you could end up like this guy. According to German press and Fox News, an unidentified 76-year-old German man forgot where he parked his Volkswagen Passat in 1997. His memory was so bad that he reported it stolen to Frankfurt police.

He'd forgotten that he forgot where he parked it. Twenty years later, that wrongly reported stolen and twice forgotten about Passat has been found. It was discovered in a garage of an industrial building that's soon to be demolished – exactly where he parked it. It never once moved in two decades. Even though it was very rusty and in bad overall condition when discovered, police were still able to track down the owner. Needless to say, it was a phone call he never expected to receive. So, what did the now elderly man do when he was reunited with his long lost car? He sent it to the scrap yard because it no longer could provide him with Fahrvergnugen, German for "driving enjoyment."

Nothing was reported about whether or not the man filed an insurance claim and if he received any money off the back of it. This will just have to go down as one of those weird, but not entirely impossible, occurrences. It still boggles the mind that someone could completely forget where they parked their car. A specific parking spot, yes. An entire parking garage? Seriously?


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