Forgiato Gives Camaro Some Added Flair

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Still clamoring for a set of retractable headlights on your Camaro? Forgiato has a new kit that will provide the solution - for a price.

For Camaro fans who've missed having the hidden headlamps appear on their favorite pony car, Forgiato may have the answer. As the producer of a huge catalogue of custom wheels, the company appears to be expanding its product lineup just a bit with a new front grille design kit for the Chevy muscle car. Called the DiFalco grille, it features retractable headlamps that pay tribute to the styling of the first-gen Camaro for a fresh take on the retro convertible.

With the DiFalco package, Forgiato is allowing owners to change the appearance of the grille in only seconds thanks to the "lashes" that can instantly hide or uncover the headlights, as demonstrated it this video clip of an unspeakably beautiful model (who happens to be standing next to a Camaro so equipped).

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The new lights consist of 18 LEDs that will give the car quite a distinctive look, but it definitely doesn't come cheap. Interested buyers will be asked to fork over $3,399 for the kit. In addition, buyers also have a huge variety of new wheel designs to choose from, depending on budget. The demo version pictured here, you'll have to agree, is quite a stunning transformation, but is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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