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Former F1 Driver Jenson Button Puts Beloved McLaren P1 Up For Sale

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This bespoke P1 also has a unique exterior and interior customized by McLaren Special Operations.

The McLaren P1 is no longer in production, but a unique example is currently for sale if you want to own one of the most seminal hypercars of the last decade. This particular P1 is owned by none other than former Formula One driver Jenson Button, who specced the car with a McLaren Special Operations Grauschwartz Grey paint scheme as well as the optional Stealth Pack and a grey and black alcantara interior customized by MSO. It also features forged wheels and yellow brake calipers. Button also sold his 2005 Ford GT last year at an auction.

As if this P1 wasn't already irresistibly desirable, the 2009 F1 world champion also ordered it with MSO's optional Track 2 system, which is a bespoke software system that makes the car legal to drive on the road in track mode without lowering the ride height. At the time, this option cost an extra $26,000 to fit. Other options Button added include a Meridian Sound System, Vehicle Tracking System, front and rear parking sensors, and Cadmium Yellow contrast stitching.

Like every P1, power is provided by a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 paired with an electric motor that sends a combined output of 903 hp to the rear wheels through a seven-speed transmission.

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As for why Button is parting ways with his beloved P1, he simply doesn't have enough time to enjoy driving it any more since he moved to the US. This is evident when you look at the odometer, as the car has only clocked up 551 miles. "I've decided to put my Mclaren P1 up for sale so that someone else can enjoy her," Button wrote on Instagram. "It's a tough decision but living in America I don't really get the chance to drive this beauty, I did give her a final blast up to Silverstone for WEC last month though!"

Jenson Button's bespoke McLaren P1 is being offered for sale with price tag of $2.09 million, which is around double what the car would have cost when it was brand new. Considering the car's rarity, extensive optional extras and the fact it has a former F1 champion on the previous owners list, the asking price isn't too outrageous.