Former Ford Mustang Manager Leaves Ford Due To ‘Inappropriate Behavior’

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Prakash Patel is the second executive to depart the company in six months for the same reason.

Last February, Raj Nair, who served as Ford’s North American President, left the automaker following an investigation into “inappropriate behavior” on his part. Specifics were not released, but his removal was swift and unexpected. And now a second top-level Ford executive has left the company for the same reason. According to Automotive News, Prakash Patel has left Ford over accusations of, you guessed it, inappropriate behavior.

Patel served as Ford’s global director of program management and prior to that, he was the program lead for the 50th anniversary Mustang, a plum role assigned to only someone who’s very highly looked upon by Ford’s CEO and Chairman, Jim Hackett and Bill Ford, respectively. As global director of program management, Patel had a huge responsibility of overseeing more than 1,200 employees scattered throughout the world. He also tasked with more than $500 million worth of engineering and expense spending for some of the automaker’s most vital vehicles.

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Throughout his almost 10-year career at Ford, Patel also worked in business development for Ford Performance, involving vehicles such as the Ford Raptor, GT, Focus RS, and Mustang Shelby GT350. He was also involved with the Lincoln brand. So far, a Ford spokesman only confirmed Patel’s departure but refused to delve into specifics, only stating there were “personnel matters” involved.