Former Hummer Factory Will Soon Be Making EVs

Electric Car

And that's called irony.

There was a time, not terribly long ago in fact, that AM General’s South Bend, Indiana factory churned out what’s become the symbol of gas guzzlers, the Hummer. It also built the H2 Hummer for General Motors. But those days are gone, and now, according to Electrek, Chinese-backed EV startup SF Motors has announced that it bought the facility to build – what else? – EVs. It wasn’t announced how much exactly the Chinese are paying for the factory, but there is some good news:

The 430 current staff will keep their jobs, otherwise they would have been fired at the end of the year when the facility’s manufacturing contract expired. So there’s two cases of irony here: gas guzzlers to EVs and the Chinese saving American jobs. The factory ran into trouble several years ago during GM’s bankruptcy when it was forced to kill the Hummer brand. AM General, however, will continue using a separate plant on the same site to build military vehicles. Meanwhile, SF Motors plans to invest some $30 million to retool the former Hummer factory to prepare for the production of its "next generation of electric vehicles."

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We actually don’t know much about SF Motors, other than setting up its new headquarters in Silicon Valley a few weeks ago, and that Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard is a consultant.