Former Koenigsegg Designer Helps Create First Aftermarket Tesla Cybertruck Wheels

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The truck doesn't even have an exact release date, but you can already reserve special wheels for it.

Another year has almost passed without a production-ready Tesla Cybertruck in showrooms and garages. The latest word from Elon Musk is that the Cybertruck will arrive in the middle of next year, and just in case that turns out to be true, Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance (UP) will be ready with aftermarket wheels for the Cybertruck.

That's despite no exact release date being confirmed, but it's not the first Cybertruck accessory to go on sale before the truck arrives. For Tesla fans impatiently waiting for the electric pickup, they can now reserve a set of these wheels to scratch the Cybertruck itch.

Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance

Known as Cybrhex forged wheels, they can be reserved for $69.42 and cost between $5,992 and $6,795 per set. UP proudly says that these are the first aftermarket wheels designed for the Cybertruck.

It's most unusual for a part like this to be revealed before a vehicle is on sale, and before its production-ready design has even been seen. The wheels were designed in collaboration with sports car designer Sasha Selipanov who worked on cars like the Koenigsegg Gemera and Bugatti Chiron, so Unplugged Performance clearly found a partner with a fine pedigree in the industry.

Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance

The Cybrhex wheel design dates back to Selipanov's 2007 "Pharaoh" concept car pictured below. He shared these sketches with Ben Schaffer, co-founder and CEO of Unplugged Performance.

"There's a shared quality of timelessness with both the Pharaoh concept and the Cybertruck," said Schaffer. "The 70's inspired wedge design in both cases represents a visual that would be equally appropriate inserted in scenes from the 1970s, the 2000s, or even a hundred years into the future."

The wheels are available in 20-, 21-, or 22-inch sizes and are produced in lightweight forged 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum. It is said to be "over-engineered" for the rigorous uses expected of a pickup like the Cybertruck, and comes with a hexagonal center cap.

Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance

Besides the different sizes, customers can also choose from the following finishes: gloss black/machined, satin bronze, satin black, and satin titanium. UP says that with the gloss black/machined two-tone finish, the machined sections have a "raw machined look and may show lines and other markings from the machining process."

Importantly, shipping of the wheels will not happen until final testing and validation on a production Cybertruck can be completed. Like everyone else who ordered a Cybertruck, that means that UP remains at the mercy of Tesla's often-changing production dates.

Sasha Selipanov said that "it is fantastic to see the return of brutalist 'wedge' shapes to car design" and that he is "thrilled to have contributed to Unplugged Performance's new Cybrhex wheel."

Unplugged Performance Unplugged Performance

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