Former Top Gear USA Trio Could Be Making A New Car Show


Do we need yet another car show to watch with British and American Top Gear and The Grand Tour?

Top Gear America is making a surprise comeback later this year, with new hosts William Fichtner (seriously), Antron Brown and Tom Ford taking over the reign from former presenters Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood and Adam Ferrara. However, it seems that the previous trio could be making a new car show to rival the rebooted US Top Gear. Wood has hinted in the past that they would be back after the History Channel cancelled Top Gear USA last year, and now a post on his Instagram all but confirms that a new car show is in the works.

The photo posted on Instagram shows the trio stood in front of a US flag concealing a car, with a teaser written by Wood hinting about their new project: "Had time of my life making TopGear on @HISTORY w/ @adamferrara & @TannerFoust Thank u fans! Can't wait to show u what we've been working on! #MoreFunToCome #ThreeMuskateers." An inside source close to Jalopnik said that the trio is "developing a new project that takes them all over America featuring more ridiculous automotive adventures" and is working with Anonymous Content, a production company known for working on high quality TV shows including Mr. Robot and True Detective.

It all sounds very promising, if rather reminiscent of The Grand Tour. After departing from Top Gear, Clarkson, Hammond and May went on to make their own car show charting their automotive adventures, and now it looks like the Top Gear USA trio will be doing the same. It wasn't long ago the future of car TV shows looked bleak. Clarkson's infamous fracas forced him to leave Top Gear, and the rebooted show tanked spectacularly. Now, with the British Top Gear back on form and The Grand Tour returning for a second series later this year alongside the new series of Top Gear America, there will be no shortage of car shows to keep us entertained.

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