Former US Ford Police Interceptors Get Resurrected in the UK

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A UK-based company is now importing used police Ford Crown Victoria's for British law enforcement agencies. The cars are coming from the US and have become popular amongst UK police departments.

How ironic things can be. Just as police forces in the US are currently replacing their Ford Crown Victoria patrol cars with Dodge Chargers, Chevrolet Caprice's and the Ford Taurus, that old rear-wheel drive beast is making its way to the UK. Believe it or not, the Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor is still alive and doing well in the UK. According to UK-based company appropriately called USA Cop Cars Ltd, these old police cars are finding a new home in the UK.

2009 and 2010 models are now being imported and are fully refurbished and equipped with the usual bad guy chasing necessities such as PA systems, roof-lights and even detailed recreations of US law-enforcement roofs to meet customer requirements. Neither Ford nor any US agencies will be allowed to sell Interceptors to civilians. Ford stopped taking new orders for the Crown Victoria Interceptor in April 2011 and the Ford Taurus Interceptor will now be the Crown Vic's US replacement. And now, the Crown Vic Interceptors have become a hit with English law enforcement.

The car also received a 5-Star Crash Resistance rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the past 14 years. The used Ford Police Interceptors cost between £23,000 and £29,000 or $37,000-$46,700. Photos courtesy of USA Cop Cars

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