Forming a Militia? 43 LR Defenders Will Get You Started

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Brand-new ex-NATO offroaders are going for a steal.

Whether you're forming an army or founding a safari touring company, the Land Rover Defender is one of the best offroad vehicles out there, capable of tackling rough terrain and easily customized for just about any need. Apparently, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, thought likewise when they purchased 43 brand-new, military-spec units of this model back in 2008-2009. But somehow, these SUVs ended up being garaged, and are now up for sale as a block on 'Ex Army UK.'

The Defender 110 Puma military surplus models have never been used, and – at least from theses online pictures – have been maintained with military meticulousness since they were purchased. The site doesn't specify their spec or pricing, only that they may not be operated within the European Union or the UK. But for anyone who is in the market for an small army of SUVs, this might be the perfect place to start.

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