Formula 1 Champion Takes Delivery Of Very First Rimac Nevera

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Today was a good day for Nico Rosberg.

Two months ago, the Rimac Nevera was officially a road-legal vehicle. A month before that, the first-ever Nevera, #000, rolled off the automaker's production line. That car was not a customer car. Instead, the recently-merged Bugatti-Rimac will use it as a marketing vehicle. The car you're looking at here is the first-ever Rimac Nevera to be delivered to a real customer, #001.

You might recognize this smiling customer as 2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg, who beat superstar Lewis Hamilton in equal machinery. Today, Rosberg took delivery of the 1,914-hp EV, making a trip to the brand's Croatia Headquarters.


Nico apparently wanted his EV hypercar to be "full Batmobile-spec." The car gets Stellar Black paint, polished Vertex wheels, and in keeping with the theme, a blacked-out Alcantara interior. Of course, you can't be an F1 World Champ without a little something extra, so this car gets Nico's penmanship on the door sill, marking it the first of the 150-car Nevera production run.

"When we first started designing the Nevera we set out to build a car that would impress even the best drivers in the world. Nico was on that list, and it's a great feeling to know that someone who has mastered the most focused and cutting-edge motorsport in the world gets such a thrill from the car that we've created. We're all looking forward to following Nico's journeys with the Nevera; all of his cars are used and enjoyed, which is exactly what we encourage our owners to do," said CEO Mate Rimac.

Rosberg said "Ever since I first met Mate and truly understood the genius behind Nevera, I knew I wanted car number one. For me, this car represents absolutely everything I could ever want. It showcases the very best of innovative electrification technology, bringing it into a car designed literally from the ground-up to be not just incredibly fast - or the fastest - but really great to drive, too. I can't wait to see what it can do."

Rosberg has been around since the early days of the company and has been a prominent figure surrounding the brand since. The ex-F1 driver first became interested in the brand after seeing the C_Two concept, after which he said he wanted to be one of the first customers.

Production of the rest of the cars is now underway in Zagreb, Croatia with the first year's production slots already sold. Rimac says that each car takes about five weeks to assemble after each of its components has been accounted for, a process in which Rimac designs and engineers almost every major component.


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