Formula 1 Could Be Coming To This US City

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American F1 fans will be very happy.

Formula 1 represents the highest level of motorsports in the world, but much like soccer, the sport has yet to garner mass adoption in the United States. Adding a Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, back in 2012 helped bring more awareness to the sport, and now a second US city is being considered for an F1 race. Sean Bratches, Managing Director Commercial Operations for Formula 1, released a statement regarding the selection process for the next Grand Prix host city. And it looks like the city of Miami will be the next stop on the US F1 calendar.

"Earlier today, the City of Miami Commission took an important step by adding an item to their upcoming agenda, that if approved, will make way to bring Formula 1 to downtown Miami next season. We appreciate the community's interest in hosting a Formula 1 race and look forward to working with local officials and stakeholders to bring this vision to life" said Bratches. With over half a billion fans worldwide, Formula 1 is the greatest racing spectacle on the planet, and Miami's status as one of the world's most iconic and glamorous cities, combined with its robust tourism infrastructure, makes Miami the perfect destination for Formula 1 and its fans."

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So far, it isn't clear if Miami would increase the 2019 calendar from 21 to 22 races or whether it would simply replace Austin as the US venue. Swapping one US F1 race for another doesn't really help increase exposure here so we hope both locations get the the nod. Either way, Miami should make for a highly scenic F1 race.

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