Formula Cross Gives ATVs Some Body

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Transform a Yamaha YFZ450 into a proper Formula racer and go have some fun on a budget.

Racing doesn't need to be as expensive as Formula One. In fact, while some of the top steps on the racing ladder are insanely expensive to compete in, there are many racing formulae that are accessible to the common man, and Californian outfit Formula Cross has made a new one. The entry-level motorsport series features a unique ATV-based racer campaigned in a karting-style format. The vehicles are based on a Yamaha YFC450 all-terrain vehicle, fitted with a number of modifications.

After conversion, the resulting racer is 117 inches long, weighs just 281 kg, and features a tubular chassis with adjustable suspension and twelve inches of wheel travel, disc brakes, a fiberglass body with built-in roll cage, rally-style rear wing, hinged door, fiberglass racing seat, sequential shifter, 4-point harness and racing steering wheel. Formula Cross insists that every part of the ATV-based vehicle, from the seats to the wheels, can be customized, although has neglected to provide any powertrain details or performance figures. The ATV on which it is based, however, packs a 450cc four-stroke DOHC five-valve engine and sells for $6,899.

The company is now accepting pre-orders for a $2,500 deposit on a first-come, first-served basis. $7,500 will get you the build-it-yourself kit with no welding required, but for an additional $1,350 Formula Cross will provide a turnkey installation.

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