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Formula E Hits the Streets of LA

The FIA's electric racing series comes to the City of Angels to preview the race that will take place there next year.

Formula One may be the most famous, but it’s not the only formula racing series. There’s Formula 3, Formula 3000, Formula Ford, Formula Renault… the list goes on, but the latest is Formula E. The first major electric racing series has been a top priority for the FIA, and will kick off next year with 12 races. So far races have been announced for Rome, London, Beijing, Malaysia, Buenos Aires, Rio de Jeniero, Miami and now Los Angeles. And on Earth Day, LA hosted one of the Formula E cars for a drive along its city streets.

The publicity stunt previews the race that will take place there next year, and highlights the city’s commitment to green transportation and its leading electric-car infrastructure.

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