Formula Off-Road Is An Insane Sport That Proves Iceland Is BatSh-t Crazy

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Huge helpings of horsepower unleashed on uncertain terrain. This is chaos at its finest.

This is one of those motorsports you probably never knew existed but just assumed it did given that there are plenty of madmen tucked away in the world who enjoy such extreme acts of vehicular violence. Of course we're talking about Formula Off-Road here. Like Formula One and Formula Drift, F Off-Road is simply a competitive motor sport where contestants race purpose-built off-road vehicles on a dirt track instead of lapping a paved and regulated circuit in pieces of multi-million dollar engineering mastery.

Not that Formula Off-Road is barbaric, but the sport does include 7.0-liter LS engines that make upwards of 1,500 horsepower motivating home-built 4x4s, meaning that brutish muscle and testosterone-fueled overtakes are necessary to win here, not millimetric precision behind the wheel and the focus of a brain surgeon preforming a life-saving operation.

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Fittingly, Formula Off-Road is the only area where off-roading is legal in Iceland, and given that the competition itself is downright insane, we can see why Icelandic regulators push it into its own tiny corner of the world. Here are some raw stats in case you need to put things into perspective. 1: The average off-roader here has better horsepower to weight than a Bugatti Chiron. 2: The pedal travel from 0% throttle to 100% is only three centimeters. And here's our favorite: the fact that the tires are imported from the US and can help these vehicles walk on water (literally, not metaphorically). If you're taking a trip to Iceland for a bit of Northern Lights spotting, be sure to counteract the beauty by watching some of this chaotic dirt racing.

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