Formula Truck Racer Survives Crash

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Driver receives 31 fractures in his legs, but is happy to be alive after 120mph crash in ten-ton race truck.

Ever notice those run-off ramps by the side of the highway? They're there in case a truck's brakes fail, but they don't have those in the Brazilian Formula Truck Series. Just some tire walls made to stop much lighter racecars. So when the brakes on Diumar Beuno's Volvo race truck failed at almost 120 mph at the end of the 1.9-mile course's longest straight, he veered onto the grass in an attempt to slow down. But a ten-ton vehicle moving at that speed doesn't shed inertia that easily.

The grass had little effect on the race-spec semi, which actually gets airborne before crashing through the barrier, plummeting 50 feet to a mangled stop. Beuno managed to survive the crash, suffering broken legs and a broken arm. He'll be unable to walk for six months, but were it not for the safety features it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

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